Station fired up over state-of-the-art truck

BIG RED: Senior Station Officer Trevor Sheehan, left, and Porirua fire fighter John Rowe are pleased with the arrival of their new fire truck.

Porirua Fire Station has been awaiting the arrival of a new truck for the last 20 years and it’s finally here.

Earlier this month, the station received the truck to replace an old, outdated model.

The brand new 2009 “P” Series Scania is a far cry from the 1985 Dennis model appliance volunteer firefighters were driving, Porirua firefighter John Rowe says.

“Everything about this new one is more user friendly and makes it easier for the guys to do their job. I think it’s a really good boost in morale for the guys to finally have something new.”

On July 1, firefighters put the appliance to the test in its first call out a large fire at Porirua Tow & Salvage yard in Elsdon.

“Because it has the new foam capacity, that none of our other trucks have had, it makes the water lighter and spreads it out further. Fighting a big fire like the one in Elsdon makes it a lot more effective.”

Fitted with a high-powered American-made Hale Pump, the appliance can deliver 4500 litres of water a minute, more than any truck they’ve had before, Mr Rowe says.

“We parked it out the back of the fire station next to the hydrant and it shot water way over the tops of the trees in the far distance. Some incredible strength.”

Kitted out with all the bells and whistles, the appliance flaunts a stronger engine, superior brakes and hydraulic transmission for smoother handling on hills, and seats that allow crew to get rigged into their gear without releasing their seatbelts.

The newest addition to the Porirua Fire Service is a true talking point at the station and in the community, Mr Rowe says.


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