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Fire and Emergency New Zealand plays a major role in providing an emergency response to New Zealand communities. Most of these communities depend on volunteers for their every day fire protection. Men and women from many walks of life are volunteer firefighters. Volunteers include the self-employed, mothers at home, shift workers, people looking for work, tradespeople and professionals. They are all people who care about their communities and want to be actively involved in them.


Who do I contact to become a volunteer firefighter? Contact your local Fire Brigade. To contact The Porirua Volunteer Fire Brigade, click Below to email them your contact information..

How old do I have to be to join a volunteer fire brigade? Most brigades have a minimum age to join which is 16 years of age. However, based on an assessment of maturity and emotional readiness, it is generally thought to be better that young people spend as much time as possible being supervised in non-operational roles before progressing through basic training.

Are women strong enough to be fire-fighters? Absolutely, there is a need for good upper body strength and a good degree of general physical fitness. With training and some guidance on specific techniques this is definitely doable?

Security Clearance? Applicants are required to undergo a full police check. A number of people have minor drugs/driving/assault convictions that may not preclude them from becoming a member.

Medical Clearance? You will be required to complete a Medical Questionnaire and visit a GP for confirmation of your medical status. The FENZ pays the cost of obtaining a medical clearance.

Asthma? The nature of fire fighting means fire fighters are exposed to a huge variety of air-born substances seen and unseen, which may trigger asthma in individuals with over sensitive airways and sometimes in people who have never had asthma before.Most asthmatics know how to manage, control and treat their normal asthma symptoms in everyday circumstances using an inhaler for an attack. However a fire fighter can’t use their inhaler if they have an attack in the middle of a fire and they are wearing breathing apparatus. There are other non operational roles within a volunteer brigade that you may be suitable for, so talk with your local Brigade.

If I wear glasses can I become a volunteer firefighter? Corrective lenses to achieve visual requirements may be worn provided they cannot be dislodged during the type of strenuous activity performed by fire-fighters. Contact lenses may be worn.

Fitness? Firefighters often have to work at heights, climb, crawl (often in confined spaces) lift (often above shoulder height) and push or pull heavy loads, use manual and or power tools and may have to maintain a heavy workload over a period of time whilst working in suboptimal environmental conditions in which they depend on all five senses. You will need a reasonable level of fitness, good vision, hearing and balance to cope with extreme environmental conditions.

Training Requirements? Recruit firefighters are required to attend a 2 day first aid course followed by a 7 day recruit course at the National Training centre in Rotorua. Some pre course learning is required, but on station help is available. Attendance at brigade weekly training nights is required. The Fire Service operates a Loss of Wages Policy when attending training. Some Regions vary the structure of courses to weekends rather that 7 days continuous, depending on needs.

Breathing Apparatus (BA)? All operational brigade members are expected to be able to wear BA. For the mask to successfully provide a seal around the face there must be no facial hair around the periphery of the face, and glasses cannot be worn. Those with sight difficulties will be required to wear contact lenses.

Uniform issue ? what is supplied etc.? A temporary uniform is provided until initial training courses are completed. Once you have successfully completed your 7 day recruit course you will be given your own personal issue

What roles are there within a volunteer brigade? A large number of people within a brigade are required to be fully operational fire-fighters. However not all brigade roles require operational readiness. Support personnel are an integral part of Fire and Emergency New Zealand and the brigades they are members of, such roles include volunteer fire police, volunteer operational support and/or volunteer brigade non operational and administrative support. ( more info )

HOW TO JOIN – Volunteers need to live or work close to the fire station to be able to safely respond to emergencies ( see map ) – Volunteers must pass a medical test paid for by Fire and Emergency New Zealand. – A Police security check is required – Prospective volunteers undergo an interview and selection process with the brigade and the chief fire officer For more information about becoming a Volunteer Firefighter at Porirua, please email us at the link below


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