In The Event Of A Fire – Prevent Other Fires


After experiencing the devastating effects of fire first hand, you’ll want to prevent it happening to your family and property ever again.

Smoke alarms save lives and sprinklers reduce the effects of fire. Smoke alarms are inexpensive and can be purchased from your local hardware shop or supermarket. They should be installed in all bedrooms, hallway and living areas.

If the damage caused by fire in your home will mean a full or partial rebuild, it is worthwhile discussing the installation of home sprinklers with your insurance company, architect or builder. Home sprinklers provide 24/7 protection of your family’s lives, home and contents and in most cases a sprinkler will put out a fire without the family even knowing they had one.

The cost of installing home sprinklers into a new house or adding them as part of renovations works out at around $350 per sprinkler head and the average house would need between seven and ten sprinkler heads. Home sprinklers can be just part of the domestic plumbing system, using the same water that feeds your kitchen taps and laundry.


information courtesy of Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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