Fire Safety Advice – At Christmas


Christmas trees

  • Make sure your tree has lots of water – treat your Christmas tree like your favourite pot plant. You should fill the water container every day. This will prevent the tree from drying out and make a healthier looking tree.
  • Select a place in your house that is cool and away from busy areas, stairs and doors – especially doors leading outside.
  • Secure the tree so it can not be knocked over by children or pets.


Christmas tree lights

  • Remember your lights have been stored away in their box since last Christmas. Check the lights carefully before placing them on the tree. If any of the wires are frayed or broken, throw them out and buy a new set of lights.
  • Make sure all the connections are tight and that the bulbs/cords are in good condition. Loose connections and frayed cords can cause a short circuit.
  • Test the lights before you place on the tree. Once installed, you should be able to turn the lights on and off without having to crawl under the tree.
  • Never leave the tree lights on overnight or when leaving the house.
  • Never use candles near the Christmas tree or as tree decorations.
  • If your tree becomes dry and starts shedding needles you should remove it from the house. Don’t take the risk!
  • Check that your artificial tree is made from flame resistant materials.
  • Lights should never be used on artificial trees with metal frames.
  • All tree ornaments should be flame resistant.


information courtesy of Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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