Fire Safety Advice – Childrens Nightwear


New Fire Hazard Labelling

Whatever kind of nightwear a child is wearing, fire is still a serious risk. Children should stay at least one metre away from the heater or fire.

Parents can choose safe nightwear for their child, but no clothes are fire-proof. When looking for safe nightwear, parents should choose the size that fits snugly. Baggy or loose nightwear can catch fire more easily.


Fire risk labels

All children’s nightwear needs to have a fire-risk label on it. From 1 April 2009, a red label means high fire danger, and a new orange label is a warning to choose close-fitting options. Other garments, such as those made of more fire resistant materials like wool blends, can still use the white Low Fire Danger label.

Some of the new orange labels may be in a sticker form while they are being introduced, but only for a three-month period from 1 April to 1 July 2009. After this time, the orange labels must be permanently attached to the garment. This sticker should be removed after the purchase for washing and wearing.

If parents are using or buying second-hand nightwear they should assume the nightwear is not heat or flame resistant whether the nightwear has a fire risk label or not.


Around the fire or heater

If a child is wearing high fire danger nightwear they should stay far away from the fire or heater. But even a ‘low danger’ label doesn’t mean there is no danger. Nightwear that say ‘low fire danger’ can still catch fire if the child is too close.

If there are young children in the house, parents should put safety guards around the heater or fire. Parents should teach children the ‘metre from the heater’ rule and watch that children don’t sit or walk closer than a metre to the heater or fire.


information courtesy of Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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